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Update: I promised to donate $50.00 to my local animal shelter once we reached 100 Likes.

Sponsored Kennel


We flew past 100 likes! I'm so grateful for your support that I donated a total $150.00:

• The first $100.00 of the donation is sponsoring a new arrival kennel. Animals get to live in this privet kennel for a few days when they first arrive at the shelter.

• The other $50.00 was used to sponsor a bunny adoption that day. An adorable little bunny named Martin now has a great home with a loving owner and a bunny sister.

Check out my post with more pictures of Martin, all the cute animals we met that day, and details about the donation.

I'm Derek Nobert,
Great To Meet You.

If you're like me you know the world is a fascinating place filled with spectacular critters.

From the incredibly cute Pudu (worlds smallest deer) to the unfortunate looking Aye-Aye (tribal myth says you're doomed if it points it's long finger at you), I'm enthralled by all of them.
One of my earliest memories is watching my toy firetruck sink down onto the colored rocks of my parents fish tank. I loved my pet fish and I wanted them to be able to play too!

When you find the right pets (even fish) you can make life long memories. I put this site together for exactly that reasons, to help you find the perfect - possibly peculiar - pet.

The No Evilness Guarantee

It amuses me to say it this way. However, I’ve heard enough stories of bad companies, I wish every company had a no evilness guarantee.

Giving Value

I learnt a cool perspective on life a few years ago: A hero of mine taught me to notice that in every interaction people are exchanging value. Giving it. Taking it. I came away with two observations:

- First. Great relationships happen when both parties give boatloads of value to each other freely and openly.

- Second. Too many people (and annoyingly, too many companies) take as much value as they can while giving as little as possible.

I know you've guessed it; my philosophy is built off the first observation. Literally everything I do in life is about bring as much value as I possibly can to others; to give more than I'm receiving. It works perfectly in my personal life, it’s how I run my business life.

High quality articles. Amazing (amazing!) costumer support. A totally free, easy-to-use, attractive (even "fetching") website that brings pet people together. All this and more!

If you like spending time here and using my site you are giving so much value. I want to give you as much back and more. That's how a great relationship is built. The free and open exchange of value.

I hope you're feeling the love.

Bringing In Openness

I'm 29 and living in Canada. This isn't my first business venture, but it is my first online project. I couldn't be more excited by every Facebook like, every visitor, and every classified ad I see posted. I love seeing people enjoying something I've created.

Currently, this site makes money off of Google ad revenue and affiliate advertising. That means a few cents are earned when a Google ad is clicked, or a percentage of a sale when something is purchased from one of the affiliates. It will always be clearly marked when an affiliate link is listed.

Showing Integrity

It's an old saying, but I like old sayings: "My word is my bond." I stand by that saying. I will go above and beyond for you. I will never recommend a product I don't believe in. If you feel I didn't get something right, I will make it better.

Helping Others

"If you can't give 10% when you're earning $100, you won't give 10% when you're earning a million." This tidbit of wisdom has always stayed with me. I believe that charity is as beneficial for those being helped as it is for the one doing the giving.

Ten percent of all earnings from this site will be donated directly to charity. Currently that charity is my local animal shelter.

I'll also use extra charity donations from my pocket as incentives to help this site grow. Such as donating when we reach a certain number of Facebook likes, or front page shares.

We hit our first charity incentive! It was 100 Facebook likes, which we quickly got. So, instead of donating the $0.50 for each FB Like, we bumped it up to $1.00 for each and sponsored a bunny adoption. The bunnies name is Martin and he has an amazing home now. All in all, our total contribution was $150.00. I've snapped adorable pictures of Martin and of a bunch of the cute creatures I saw that day. Check them out here, along with more details on the donation. Thank you for the love.