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Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized September 10, 2015

3 Tips For Great Pet Pictures





To get people fawning over your animals you need to create an emotional connection. The best way to do that is with some great photos. Is a little emotional manipulation bad if it’s for a good cause? Finding happy little animals a home is a great cause.

Here are 3 quick and dirty tips for amazing animal photos.

Tip #1: Up Close and Personal

Let’s start with the emotional manipulation part first:



Eye Level:

We’re always looking down at our pets, that angle is so boring. Do a stretch because you’re getting down low low low. Getting down to eye level gives a surprising new view of the little guys; people will notice because it stands out. It’s compelling. It’s intimate. You’ve put us into their world.



Fill The Shot:

While you’re down there scuffing up your jeans take a moment and get in closer. The picture should make us feel like we’re really there; that we’re about to cuddle up and snuggle with those little lambs.

lambs side by side


The Window To The Soul:

It’s in the eyes. Not just humans my friends, animals work the same way. Make a funny noise to get them looking into the camera. Focus on the eyes. Snap! You know that photo will be irresistible.

skunk front and back



Tip #2: Be A Little Technical

The secret professional photographers don’t want you to know! Actually, they’re mostly nice people who want to help, here’s what they say:



Unlimited Ammo:

Unless you stole a camera from a museum, you most likely have a digital one. That means you can easily shoot photos until the carpal tunnel sets in. So don’t try and take the perfect shot right away. You got 99 photos… one of them guaranteed to be a gem.

Sun At Your Back:

Put the sun behind you — you know, so that you’re nothing but a cool looking silhouette as you shoot photos. This will give your pictures great lighting. Wait for a day or place with bright, diffused natural lighting. Also, turn that flash off. Camera flashes are like in-laws, avoid when possible.



Rule of Thirds:

Sounds like the “Rule Of Three”, but this isn’t witchcraft. However, it works so well you might think it is. Imagine a tic tac toe board overlayed on your photos. Wherever the lines intersect you want to put interesting or important parts. The eye is naturally drawn to these areas, it makes for a more interesting and professional looking photo.




Tip #3: ♬ ‘Cause you’ve got personality. Walk, personality. Talk Personality.” ♫

You’re excited to go try out your new skills, we’ll make this last one quick!

Attitude and Personality:

Some critters are cuddly, others are playful. They’ve all got unique and quirky personalities. Get some shots that capture your creatures attitude. That might mean a photo of them in their favorite napping spot. It might mean them pigging out on fruit. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.



-Let’s Review-

PhotographyPets - Review logomakr.com17tqZ6


We’re curious, how do you get your pets to pose for a good photo? Let us know in the comments below!




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