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Updates March 22, 2016

We Adopted A Bunny!

(And Made A $100 Donation)

It's always feels nice to have people like something you've made.

When this site first launched I wanted to say thank you for all the support I was getting. I promised to donate $0.50 for each Facebook like until we hit 100 total.

It happened in no time, so I made my way to our local animal shelter with a copper colored Canadian $50.00 in hand.

Two things happened when I got down there...

First Thing:

I found out donations can go towards sponsoring Holding Rooms, Kennels, and even (my personal favorite) Cat Chalets.

The cheapest is the Kennel, but it starts at $100.00 for a year, twice what I had.

However, you get a sponsorship card with your logo on the door -- so I couldn't resist.

I mean, you're not a real business until your logo is hanging over a cats bed.

Thanks to you guys we are now proud sponsors of an elegant little holding kennel. New kitties arrive at the shelter and spend a few days in our luxuriously furnished private suite. There, they are checked out by the vets and cared for until they are ready to be adopted.

Second Thing:

We found out it was Bunny Month at the Humane Society. Plus, our visit landed on one of the two Bunny Meet & Greet Days.

You get to come in, meet, and play with all the rabbits available for adoption.

One extremely lovable little bunny named Martin caught my girlfriends eye. Her bunny, Basil, needed a little brother to play with -- we had just found him.

For $50.00, our website sponsored Martin's adoption. Thanks to you guys, another bunny has a loving family and a new home.

In Closing:

You can't go to an animal shelter without meeting with all the animals there. We took a few pictures of the ones we met.


Our new bunny needed toys. Check out our collection of the Best DIY Bunny Toys on the internet.

We made all these toys for Martin and Basil, so they're Bunny Tested and Bunny Approved.

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2 Responses to “We Adopted A Bunny!”

  1. I am interested in getting one

    • You should! The animal shelters usually have new ones in every month, if you’re not in a rush you can wait until an adorable one shows up. I’d recommend going through the shelter since it’s a lot cheaper in the long run; they take care of the shots, neutering, and a usually do a month or more of behavior checks before they let the animals go out to anyone.
      Because we could read the report about his behavior at the rescue shelter, our shelter bunny ended up having a munch better attitude than the store bought bunny. He’s way more cuddly too.

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