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Animals, Bunnies, DIY, Rabbits April 26, 2016

10 Best DIY Bunny Toys

Fun, Clever, & Easy DIY Bunny Toys

Here's our list of the best DIY bunny toys!

A little creativity and some cheap supplies are all it takes to entertain a bunny. We tested all the DIY toys we could find and picked our bunny's favorites.

We had three requirements:
1. Be easy to make.
2. Be super cheap.
3. Entertain our bunny!

Bunny rabbits need mental stimulation for a healthy mind -- these toys will keep your bunny’s brain as sharp as her nails.

Enjoy these bunny tested & bunny approved toy ideas!

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1. Bunny Treat Line

Do you have a lazy bunny? Bribe him into stretching with this super easy toy!

You'll need:
- String (sisal string or seagrass rope)
- Clothes Pins
- Scissors
- Treats

You want your bunny to stand and stretch to reach those treats, so tie the string 6-8" above his head. Use the clothes pins to clip pieces of lettuce, carrot, and other treats to the string. That's all it takes!

Safety: Certain types of string (hemp, jute, cotton, etc) can be dangerous if your bunny ingests them. The safest choice is untreated sisal string or seagrass rope when available.

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

2. Paper Roll Twig Tree

When you can't bring the bunny to the outdoors, bring the outdoors to the bunny. Basil loves having her own tree to nibble on when she can't play outside - this is one of her favorite DIY bunny toys.

You'll need:
- Twigs
- Toilet Paper Tube
- Scissors

Take your scissors and venture outside. Find a tree and clip off about 10 straight twigs 6-8" long. Using a pencil CAREFULLY poke two holes across from each other in the toilet paper tubes. Slide the twigs through the tubes. You may want to take the scissors and trim the twigs a bit shorter. Done! Play Time!

Safety: Not all woods and trees are safe for your bunny to chew. Avoid fruit tree branches unless they've been cut and dried for a month.

SAFE woods: Ash, Aspen, Birch, Cottonwood, Fir tree, Hazel, Hawthorn, Oak (Not Red Oak or Oak Bark), Maple (Not Red Maple), Poplar, Spruce Tree, Sycamore, and Willow.

UNSAFE woods include: Acacia, Apricot, Azalea, Beech, Box, Cherry, Clematis, Elder, Holly, Ivy, Laburnum, Mistletoe, Oak, Oleander, Peach, Periwinkle, Plum, Privet, Rhododendron, Rosewood, Yew, Snowberry, Spindleberry, Thorn apple, Waxplant, and Wisteria.

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

3. Paper Roll Treat Ball

The more you work for something, the more you appreciate it... so your bunny will really appreciate these treats!

You'll need:
- Toilet Paper Roll
- Scissors
- Treats

Grab your scissors and a toilet paper roll, you're going to cut the tube into 0.5" strips. Criss-cross the stripes over top of each other until they form a ball. Slip a treat into one of the holes. If the treat keeps falling out too easily simply add more overlapping strips.

TIP: Use a treat with a strong smell to keep your bunny focused!

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

4. Bunny Jump

Let's work on those bunny agility skills. You're little bunny was made to hop.

You'll need:
- Hammer & Saw
- Wooden Dowels (1 thick, 1 thin)
- Wooden Blocks (for base)
- Finishing Nails
- Treats

You can find dowels at your local hardware store. We got our base blocks from an arts and crafts store.

The thicker dowel will become your vertical poles. Cut the thick dowel at least 15" long. Using a finishing nail and hammer, secure a base block to one end of each of the thick dowels.

Next, hammer a nail in every 3" from the top of the vertical dowels. (These nails should be at a slight upward angel so they can hold the horizontal dowels in place.) The thinner dowels should be cut to about 24" long. Lay the thinner dowels across the nails to create different jump heights.

TRAINING TIP: Start without any horizontal jumps. Practice leading your bunny between the vertical poles with a treat without adding any height. Once your bunny has ran between the vertical poles a few times, lay a horizontal pole on the ground between the poles. Get your bunny to jump this pole just laying on the ground a few times.

Eventually put a pole on the lowest height nails and lead your bunny through again. She may avoid jumping and run around the jump a few times. Be patient and encouraging. Only reward proper behavior with treats! She'll figure it out fairly quickly when snacks are on the line!

SAFETY: Always have the nails facing away from your bunny so the horizontal dowels fall off if your bunny hits them!

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

5. Treat Box

Make your bunny smarter, let's teach her something new. Today's lesson is about lids and hinges.

You'll need:
- Wooden Boxes
- A Board for the Base
- Glue
- Treats

For a very cheap price you can buy hinged boxes from your local craft store! Get a nice flat board for the base and you're half-way finished already.

Glue the boxes to the board and hide a treat inside. Your bunny will smell the treats and eventually figure out how to open the lids with their noses!

TIP: Start with the lid open 1/4 of the way or more the first few times. Eventually your bunny will be able to open it from close, but the first few times make it easier for her.

SAFETY: Always use untreated wood and make sure it's bunny safe (see our list in the paper roll twig tree project). Please watch your bunny while she plays with this toy, you don't want her to eat the glue or chew on the metal hinges!

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

6. Cardboard Maze

Turn a boring ol' room into a bunny-sized David Bowie labyrinth! Our bunny Basil loved exploring for hidden treats and toys.

You'll need:
- Moving Boxes
- Scissors / Box Cutter
- Treats

We used two regular old moving boxes (they were a few bucks each at our local hardware store). Cut off the flaps from both ends of each box. Then cut the remaining center pieces in half horizontally; so each box gives you eight flaps and two cardboard rectangles. TIP:Use tall boxes, our maze came out a little small for our bunny.

Start with one of the cardboard squares for the center and work out from there. Assemble the maze as you go. You're going to cut doors in some of the walls and use grooves to connect everything.

Make a connection groove by cutting from the bottom, half way up, on one piece; and from the top, half way down, on the the other piece. Now they'll slide together. TIP: Make your cuts at least an inch from the edge of the cardboard or else it won't be stable enough.

TIP: Add food, treats, and other DIY toys into rooms of the maze for your bunny to discover and play with.

7. Rooting Box

We have two bunnies now. One is an angel, the other loves to destroy things. This is a great way for those destructive bunnies to release some of that energy.

You'll need:
- Cardboard Box
- Box Cutter / Scissors
- Tissue Paper
- Treats

Use a cardboard box (the bigger the better!) and cut open the top. On one side cut a door so your bunbun can jump in and out easily. Now use some tissue paper (cheap at the dollar store) to scrunch up and fill the box. This toy became the equivalent of a punching bag for our destructive little bunny's abundance of energy.

TIP: Hid food and treats in the tissues for your bunny to hunt!

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

8. Simple Pencil Cup

DIY Bunny toys don't get any simpler. This is an easy and cheap way to play with your bunny!

You'll need:
- Pencil Cup
- Treats

We sit with our bunny and a bag of treats. Put a treat under the upside-down pencil cup (the mesh cup is best because it lets your bunny see and smell the treat). Your bunny will push the cup around, eventually figuring out how to flip it and get her prize.

Mix it up by stacking blocks on top of the cup, or by not putting a treat under every time. Try just lay the cup on it's side and put a treat at the back of it, your bunny will have to roll it around a bit to get her prize.

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

9. Cardboard Shredding Mat

Cats aren't the only ones the love scratching and biting toys. Basil loves pulling this apart and digging into it.

You'll need:
- Cardboard box
- Box Cutter
- Ruler

Cut the bottom of the box so you end up with a tray about 1.5" high. Use the leftover cardboard and a box cutter to cut strips the same width and height as the tray you've just created.

I suggest using a ruler and a cutting surface instead of scissors to make the strips, it's not as safe (so be careful) but it's way faster. As you cut the strips out slot them into the tray you made. It's filled up once they all fit in there snugly. If your bunny is like ours and likes to pull the strips out, you simply put them back in after each play session. Cut more as needed if bunny is shredding them.

Never let your bunny play unsupervised.

10. Wooden Blocks

We discovered our bunnies would make great mini Godzillas. They love knocking things down.

You'll need:
- Wood
- A Saw

You can buy pre-cut block of wood at your local craft store. If you want a cheaper option, buy a length of 2x2" wood and cut them down into cubes. Stack them all over and let your bunny attack. Hide treats on the top of some of the stacks for your bunny to discover as she wreaks havoc.

TIP: Anything you can stack that is bunny-safe will work as an alternative: toilet paper rolls, pvc pipes cut down, etc.

SAFETY: Always use untreated wood and make sure it's bunny safe (see our list in the paper roll twig tree project). Please watch your bunny while she plays with this toy.!


Thanks to your support we were able to sponsor a bunny adoption (his name is Martin), and make $100.00 donation to our local animal shelter.

Check out cute pictures of Martin and all the other animals we met.


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