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Help, Tips and Tricks September 1, 2015

How To Get More Views On Your Classified Ads





A little extra effort in the areas will often get you a big increase in return. Doing a bit of tailoring to your classified ads will help you pull in even more valuable attention. Below are some simple tips that will get more heads turning your way.


Rambo Style Headlines


Your headline is out there on the front-lines fighting for you. Pull out the big guns or most people will only see a blurred colored box as they shoot past.


1. Equip Your Headline With An Attractive Or Unique Detail

At a glance we should know why we’d want to open up your ad. “Porcupine for sale” is vague and boring. Giving us a hint at his personality and an attractive detail will trump those other porcupine peddlers; “Porcupine – Laid Back & House Trained”


2. Keep That Headline Snappy. Use Clear Language

People are skimming, not reading. In a sea of ads you can’t waste words. So pack those high value details into a neat little line.


3. Inject Your Personality

Loosen your salesmen’s tie and let your charm out. A worn out turn-of-phrase will get lost in the haze. Throw a fun word in there, say it colloquially, be a little bonkers. What’s Better: “Baby Pigs For Sale” or “Bran-Spank’n-New Lil’ Piglets”?


4. Etiquette

Don’t be uncle ted at the wedding. Everyone appreciates class. Trying to YELL YOUR WAY INTO BEING NOTICED by using all caps is as tacky as filling your headline with icky symbols?❌◄ █◆♥☆. Yuck. Avoid it unless you’re using a shady back-page classified site and offering a special massage.


You’ve Got To Work The Camera Baby


Give ‘em the ol’ one, two. Your headline was a right jab, now throw in a left hook. The photo. Just like a dating profile, everyone is more comfortable with a visual. A flattering photo will always win big, both with classified ads and with a fine dating site like Jdate.


5. ‘Shoot’ For The Moon

Aim for the best photos possible. A pinch of proper lighting, a dash of sharp focus, and a spoonful of the right angles are all essential ingredients. Read this little post for 3 quick and dirty tips to take stunning animal photos.


6. If Your Photos Are Old Enough To Buy A Drink, It’s Time To Get New Ones

You expect that dating profile photo to be up-to-date and of the exact person you’re scoping out. The same is true when scoping out a new pet-partner. A very recent, true to life photo of the exact animal is non-negotiable.


7. The Perfect Measurements

It’s cool to be a square. Cropping your photos into a square will keep them from stretching unexpectedly. Shedding some extra kilobytes will help your photo fit the size limit and load faster. Here are some free online tools for re-sizing and cropping pics: PicMonkey or PicResize


8. Don’t Stop At One

You can upload more than one photo so don’t miss the chance to show off those photography skills of yours. The more photos buyers see, the more comfortable buyers feel. Set your best pic as the main image, then melt our hearts with more fine photos when we click your ad.



A lot of people grew up being told the internet was as trustworthy a tabloid magazine. To overcome this and create a human connection upload a profile picture of yourself to your account and show off the friendly face behind those delightful ads.


A Nice Body Can Win Anyone Over


There’s no limit to the shape and size of your body text. You’ve got unlimited space to dance around so take up the whole stage and wow your audience.


9. Show And Tell

A list of details is informative, but people also love stories. A cute tale about your little critter will win over hearts. Or, mention how long you’ve been raising armadillos and how clever they are. You’ll build trust and interest.


10. Focus On The Benefits, Not The Features

“A healthy skunk that would make an excellent pet.” isn’t exactly terrible. But instead, tell people to consider the benefits of that skunk and you’ll fill their dreams with little paw prints. “He’s a friendly skunk that your friends will adore. Few animals love to cuddle up on the couch more that this guy. He’s as fit as a fiddle and will bring you joy for years to come.”


11. You Have The Answers We Seek

Give more information now, and you’ll have to answer fewer pesky emails later. Gender, D.O.B., Attitude, Training. Anything and everything you can think of including is helpful!


Wrap It Up In A Neat Little Package

red gift box

12. Show Them The Finish Line

People need a little guidance at times. You’ve brought them this far, don’t abandoned them now. Should they e-mail you? Visit your website? It’s up to you, but give them a clear call to action.


13. Let Them See The Real You

You have an Instagram full of pictures of animals you’ve bred. Your website shows off the ranch your animals were raised on. Your Facebook page has dozens of happy customer reviews. Post the url in the description of your ad and let them take a look. Or, add your website to your account profile so it shows up on all your ads.


14. A Video Is Worth A Million Words

Those snazzy pictures won their hearts. Linking to a YouTube video you uploaded will blow their minds. Let them see your Camel’s fancy gallop.


15. Be Honest. Give a Guarantee.

Honesty is golden. Always be honest and upfront. Offering a guarantee can make people feel much more comfortable.



Write your ad in a word document and copy/paste onto our site. There’s nothing more annoying than a browser crashing or hitting the wrong button. Save yourself a headache.


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Get More Views On Your Classifieds

If you have any tips or thoughts please share them in the comment section below!



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